Regular, rigorous maintenance will keep your Bob running for many years.

The filter system consists of three levels of filtration :

  1. Stainless steel main filter.
  2. Large waste filter.
  3. Micro-filter.

1. After each wash

Retrieve the large waste filter using its two handles. Dispose of the waste in the bin, run the large waste filter under clear water and put it back.

2. Once a week or every 10 cycles

Step 1

Unlock the Micro-filter by turning it counter-clockwise.

Step 2

Recover the stainless steel filter.

Step 3

Rinse all 3 filters under running water, using a soft bristle brush and a degreasing agent.

Step 4

Put back the stainless steel filter.

Step 5

Put back the micro-filter by turning it clockwise until it locks into place.



Never run a cycle without a filter. If your micro-filter is punctured, please replace it.