How a cycle works 



Bob goes into standby mode after 5 minutes without interruption.

Wake up your Bob :

  • by filling the reservoir,
  • by pressing the buttons,
  • or with touch detection.

Before the cycle

  1. Remove bulky food residue from your dishes, as they could clog the filters or block the wash arm.
  2. Place your dishes in the basket as recommended.
  3. Insert the Bob cassette or place another other detergent (Bob Tablette, powder or dishwasher gel).
  4. Close the door.


Please note that the wash cycle will not start if the door is open or not properly closed.

  1. Choose and run the cycle best suited to your dishes and the types of dirt to be washed.
  2. If you are in power mode: Built-in reservoir; fill the reservoir or, if connected to the Bob easytap, turn on the water.


Check that the drain hose is correctly positioned towards a water outlet throughout the entire cycle. Several oil changes are carried out during the cycle.

Tips : Soak pots and pans with burn marks in hot water before placing them in the basket.

During the cycle :

1. Stage name.

2. Remaining time (minutes and seconds).

3. The icon corresponding to the current cycle (here the Daily cycle).

4. The icon corresponding to the cycle stage.

Before opening the door, pause Bob to avoid splashing water. To add extra dishes during the cycle :

  • Press the centre button to pause the cycle.
  • Open the door, taking care to avoid scalding steam.
  • Place additional dishes in the basket.
  • Close the door.
  • Select to resume the cycle.

Stop the current cycle

  • Press the centre button to pause the cycle.
  • Select to stop the cycle and start the water emptying.
  • You will then be returned to the main cycle carousel.

End of cycle

When the display shows: Drying in progress, Bob's door opens automatically and remains ajar at 10 degrees. Natural drying takes place over several minutes.

The end of the cycle is signalled by an audible beep and a return to the main cycle carousel (excluding settings: Mute in Settings).



Hot steam is released when the door is opened. Don't burn yourself on the dishes. Some elements may be very hot after drying.

Tips : Keep the door ajar to avoid odours.