To access settings, select the Settings screen from the main carousel :

Customised cycles :

This screen lets you create your cycles, then manage them (edit, add to favourites and delete). You can set the duration, temperature and choose an icon. You can create up to 4 customised cycles.

Customize your Bob :

This menu lets you change the sound and volume, light colour, add a personalised image during a cycle and change the language.

Power supply mode :

This screen lets you select your water supply mode, either via the built-in reservoir or via the water inlet.

Drainage :

This screen allows you to completely empty your Bob (tank, reservoir, pipes). A must if you're not going to be using Bob for several weeks, or if temperatures drop below freezing.

Maintenance cycle :

This screen is used to launch a maintenance cycle with a rock'n'roll cassette.

General menu :

This screen takes you to the following screens.

Bob OS :

This screen displays your version of the Bob OS operating system, as well as your Bob's unique MAC identifier (to synchronise it with your Daan Tech account). It also allows you to carry out any available updates, notified with a sticker.

Manual :

This screen takes you to the QR-code for the user manual.

Information :

This screen shows your water savings since the launch of your first cycle with Bob, as well as the usage counter in operating hours.

Reset :

This screen allows you to delete all data from your Bob and restore factory settings.

This action is irreversible.

Delayed start :

This screen lets you activate the delayed start function. At each cycle start, you can defer the start from 1 hour to 12 hours.

Wi-Fi :

This screen allows you to connect/disconnect Bob to the Wi-Fi and the customer account.