Troubleshooting table




The cycle won't start.

The door is open.

Close the door. Check if anything is stopping the door from closing. If this is not the case, contact Customer Services.

The cycle won't start.

The screen remains frozen, the buttons are unresponsive.

Disconnect and reconnect the Bob, then reset the Bob in the settings menu.

Bob doesn't light up.

Power cord not properly connected.

Reconnect the power cord at both ends and check that the electrical outlet is working properly.

Bob doesn't light up.

The circuit breaker in your electrical system has tripped.

Unplug all other devices connected to the same circuit as Bob, and reset the circuit breaker.

Wash arm does not turn.

An element blocks the wash arm’s rotation during the cycle. (Dishes, knife, fork).

Before each cycle, check that nothing passes through the basket.

Wash arm does not turn.

The wash arm vents are clogged.

Unscrew the wash arm and run it under water, making sure that all holes are unblocked. Check that the filters are correctly locked.

Poor washing.

White mark on dishes.

These are traces of limestone: Run a maintenance cycle with a rock'n'roll cassette more frequently (every 30 cycles).

Poor washing.

Cycle selected not adapted to the dirt and type of dishes.

Choose a more intensive program.

Poor washing.

Insufficient quantity of detergent, or unsuitable detergent

Check for detergent. We recommend using Bob Tablette.

Poor washing.

The dishes have not been positioned properly and Bob is overloaded.

Make sure no dishes are touching each other.

Poor washing.

Filters are not clean or not properly locked.

Remove and clean filters.

Foaming inside the tank during a cycle.

Wrong choice or overdose of detergent.

Use the recommended doses. Use a special dishwasher detergent. In the event of an error, run one or more cycle(s) without detergent to rinse your Bob correctly.

Foaming inside the tank during a cycle.

Dirt that generates foam.

Some dirt generates more or less foam (e.g. egg yolk). Heavy foam may prevent the wash arm from rotating. In this case, stop your Bob and start a new cycle.

The water won't drain away.

Bob is positioned too low in relation to the drain.

Position Bob up to 1.20 m below the point of drainage.

The water won't drain away.

The drain pipe is bent.

Check the drain pipe.

The water won't drain away.

Drain pump vent hole is blocked.

The water won't drain away.

The non-return valve is blocked by a foreign object.

Contact Customer Service.

The water doesn't heat up.

Heating disk is dirty

Clean the heating disk at least once a month.

Liquid appearing under Bob.

Leak in the back of Bob

Check connections: drain hose; water inlet hose

Liquid appearing under Bob.

Leak around the door.

Check the condition and position of the door seal. Something is preventing the door from closing fully. The door is off-centre, check its alignment with the tub.

Liquid appearing under Bob.

The tub is overflowing.

The tub was filled beyond its 3.8 litre capacity. Drain your Bob and refill the tub until you hear the beep.

Liquid appearing under Bob.

Bob's inclination is greater than 2°.

Correct the inclination by adjusting the supports.

Bob vibrates or makes noise.

Bob's lower cover rests against the worktop.

Raise the Bob by adjusting the 4 supports.

Touch opening does not work.

Communication failure between the touch element and your Bob

Disconnect / Reconnect Bob/ Manual opening is still possible by pulling on the door at the latch.

Bob indicates that the door is open when it is actually closed.

Communication failure.

Contact Customer Service.