UV-C cycle - optional

UV-C cycle

If you have the UV-C option, Bob systematically cleans your dishes and everyday items with UV-C rays. The UV-C cycle (20min or 60min) dry-cleans only the sides exposed to ultraviolet C rays.

  1. UV-C
  2. Side exposed to UV-C rays
  3. Object to be cleaned
  4. Unexposed side

If your objects have complex shapes, you'll need to run several cycles in a row, turning the object between cycles to expose all sides to UV-C light.

To ensure safety when using the UV-C cleaning cycle, Bob automatically and instantly switches off the UV-C when the door is opened.

Also, the door window is filled with an additive that filters out UV-C and allows only visible light to pass through.

The cycle ends with the opening of the door and a beep.



Bob is not a medical device and is not intended to be used as a steriliser. Daan Tech cannot be held responsible for the consequences of improper use.