Manage my account


You will find your account status


You'll find all orders placed on our website. 


You can manage your postal addresses and differentiate between billing and delivery addresses. Any change of address must be made before placing your order. 

Means of payment

Add and remove your credit cards. Saving your card makes ordering easier. 

Account details

Change your personal details and password. 

Manage my Bob

You'll find out whether Bob is connected or not. If Bob is not connected, link your Bob to your account. 

If Bob is logged in, you'll have access to the automatic cassette renewal, image personalisation and manage your personalised cycles. 

Ambassador sponsorship

The ambassador programme allows you to sponsor your friends and family by offering them a discount code. You earn rewards for every validated referral. 

You can also register on the Ambassador Card so that potential buyers can ask for your advice and opinion, and come and see your Bob directly in your home if you accept.

You can request payment of Daan Coin into your bank account at any time. Don't forget to add your bank details for payment.

For more information, visit the Daan Tech Ambassador Programme

Return your cassettes with Daan positive cycle

Download the shipping label provided by Daan Tech next to your last order to return your empty cassettes. 

For more information, please visit  Daan Positive Cycle



If you have ordered several Bobs with the same Daan Tech customer account, you can switch from one Bob to another using the drop-down menu: Change Bob. Each option or service must be activated independently for each Bob.