Where to buy our washing products ?


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Daan Store


Visit our online store: www.daan.tech

Order Pop cassettes from your Bob's main carousel. Your Bob must be connected to the Wi-Fi, then to your customer account.

Your bank and delivery details must be saved on your account. Your order will be delivered directly to the address indicated on your Daan Tech account.

Automatic renewal

Activate automatic renewal of Pop cassettes by connecting your Bob to the Wi-Fi and enabling this option in your Daan Tech customer account.

You will be asked to enter the number of pop cassettes you have. When you have 9 cycles left in your last pop cassette, an order will be placed and delivered to the address indicated on your Daan Tech account.

Payment will be automatically debited from the payment method entered.


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How do I recycle my cassettes ?

A return label can be downloaded from your customer account in the “Return your cassettes with Daan positive cycle” tab.

You must send us a minimum of 4 cassettes.